Stem Cell Research

Enhancing your stem cell research

To support your stem cell research, we offer an advanced and innovative portfolio of products produced by Biological Industries. Our product portfolio covers cGMP products for cell reprogramming, isolation, expansion, differentiation and cryopreservation in completely defined, serum-free and xeno-free conditions.

To enable a seamless transition from preclinical development to the clinical stage it is important to identify the appropriate GMP grade products and reliable suppliers during the early stage preclinical research.

Our partners at Biological Industries have extensive scientific knowledge and experience in the stem cell field. We are happy to facilitate and aid with your scale-up process, from development of a small-scale research project to large commercial volumes and quantities. BI’s expert formulations scientists are also available to support you in optimising your process and offer advice to your specific project.

BI have a wealth of experience and actively interacts with regulatory authorities to stay up-to-date on the current international guidelines. Their extensive knowledge and experience in regulatory affairs has led to many successful collaborations and clinical trial approvals for their customers.