Transferrin, Human, Iron-Saturated

Transferrin, Human, Iron-Saturated

Tested to be nonreactive for HBsAg, HIV-I and II
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Transferrin, Human, Iron-Saturated,100 mg41-952-100100 mg
Transferrin, Human, Iron-Saturated,500 mg41-952-500500 mg
Transferrin, Human, Iron-Saturated, 1 g41-952-10001 g
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Product Overview:

Transferrin is an important constituent in growth medium. It is a glycoprotein but also known more specifically, as an iron-storage protein, found in mammalian serum (i.e. a blood plasma protein). Transferrin receptors, on the cell surface of actively growing cells, bind transferrin for iron transport to and from cells. In humans, it is still the most dynamically important iron pool relative to the total iron throughout the body. Nevertheless, research has shown that the majority of circulating iron-bound transferrin is transported to the bone marrow and incorporated into newly formed red blood cells or erythrocytes. The other primary storage depots for stored iron are the liver and spleen. The sum of all iron-binding sites on transferrin constitutes the total iron-binding capacity or TIBC of plasma. When iron-free, transferring is known as apo-Transferrin and when iron saturated it is called holo Transferrin. Traditionally, transferrin has entered the cell culture domain as a component of serum and is not a routine component of most commercially produced basal media. However, it has gained popularity and it is often added to classical basal media for the delivery of iron especially in a serum free milieu. As a plasma-derived product, it is available for cell culture and diagnostic assays but not for therapeutic use.

Each unit of plasma and each plasma pool has been tested to be nonreactive for Hepatitis B Surface Antigen (HBsAg), Antibody to (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) HIV-I and II, anti-HCV and Syphilis.


Each unit of Biological Industries’ transferrin is pasteurized and heated for 10 Hours at 60ºC. It is manufactured under GMP conditions from Human Blood Plasma sub Fraction IV-1. The Transferrin is for research use or further manufacturing purposes only and not intended for human use. The raw material origin is USA and plasma donors undergo a rigorous selection process as per FDA requirements

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