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Suppliers of Media & Serum Products
Cellseco was founded by Dr Will Anderson & Ido Davids, to distribute mainly animal-free Stem Cell media (Nutristem)and related products as well as serum products throughout the UK. Our main supplier is Biological Industries, one of the World’s leading provider of cell culture materials, with over 30 years experience in this area and currently supplying to 33 countries worldwide.
We are able to offer a reliable and friendly service to meet your cell culture requirements. As a small company, we can also provide special formulation media to meet your specific needs, even for small orders. All production processes meet ISO standards. Our storage facility in the UK is DEFRA-approved, and we meet all statutory requirements for importation and distribution of cell culture material. Some of our products are delivered direct from our storage facilities in Germany and France. For further information, please contact our Managing Director, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.