BIOMYC-3 Antibiotic Solution

BIOMYC-3 Antibiotic Solution

Treatment based on the antibiotic Ciprofloxacin

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BIOMYC-3 Antibiotic Solution, 10mL03-038-1D10mL
BIOMYC-3 Antibiotic Solution, 20mL03-038-1C20 mL
BIOMYC-3 Antibiotic Solution, 100mL03-038-1B100 mL
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BIOMYC-3 Overview:

BIOMYC-3 Antibiotic Solution is a treatment based on the antibiotic Ciprofloxacin. This is a member of the Fluoroquinolone group and inhibits synthesis of the enzyme DNA gyrase, therefore preventing supercoiling in bacterial DNA. To treat a contaminated cell culture, simply add the antibiotic to the growth medium for 12 days, ensuring that the medium is changed every three days. At the end of the treatment cycle, you should grow the cells s on media that do not contain antibiotics for a minimum of two weeks. Once this time has past, you should re-test for the presence of mycoplasma. If the culture tests positive, the course of treatment should be repeated.

Treatment with Ciprofloxacin does not affect the morphology or health of the cells. Repeated use of this antibitiotic in cell cultures should be avoided as mycoplasma has been known to develop resistance to it.

Recommended Use:

  1. Add 1 ml BIOMYC-3 to 100 ml medium.
  2. 2. Continue the treatment for a total of 14 days, while changing the medium (containing BIOMYC-3) every 2-3 days.
  3. 3. Retain the cells in the growth medium for an additional 12 days before re-testing for mycoplasma

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