EZ-DNA Genomic DNA Isolation Kit

EZ-DNA Genomic DNA Isolation Kit

Fast procedure, permits isolation of genomic DNA
Recovery is between 70-100%
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EZ-DNA Genomic DNA Isolation Kit

EZ-DNA is a non-organic and ready-to-use reagent for the isolation of genomic DNA from samples of human, animal, plant, yeast, bacterial and viral origin. EZ-DNA is based on disruption of cells in a guanidine-detergent lysing solution that hydrolyzes RNA and allows the selective precipitation of DNA from a cell lysate with ethanol.

Following an ethanol wash, the DNA is solubilized in water or 8 mM NaOH. There is no phenol in EZ-DNA.


  • Fast procedure, can be completed in 10-30 minutes
  • Permits isolation of genomic DNA from a large number of samples of small or large volumes
  • The percentage of DNA recovery is around 70-100%

The isolated DNA can be used, without additional purification, for Southern analysis, dot blot hybridization, molecular cloning, RFLP, PCR and other molecular biology and biotechnology applications.

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