Sodium Citrate Solution 0.8%

Sodium Citrate Solution 0.8%

Sodium Citrate Solution is a hypotonic solution used for chromosome karyotyping

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Treatment with a hypotonic saline solution is a crucial process when harvesting cells for chromosome karyotyping as it  increases the volume of the cells. Sodium Citrate Solution is a hypotonic solution, which functions by creating a concentration gradient across the cytoplasmic membrane and water then flowing in by active transport. Hypotonic treatment with Sodium Citrate is commonly used in conjunction with the addition of Potassium Chloride (KCl) to enhance membrane permeability and induce hypotonic cell swelling at both room temperature (15-30°C) or 37°C. Usually, the higher temperature is used to increase metaphase spreading. There are several factors that influence the extent of the hypotonic treatment utilising Sodium Citrate and/or Potassium Chloride (KCl): • Cell Density • Specimen Type (e.g. slides or cell pellet) Sodium Citrate Solution Fe​atures • Sterile • Easy-to-use • Increases metaphase spread of Peripheral Blood Lymphocytes (PBL’s)

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