BIOMYC-2 Antibiotic Solution

BIOMYC-2 Antibiotic Solution

Treatment based on the antibiotic Minocycline

Use with with BIOMYC-1 Antibiotic Solution

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BIOMYC-2 Antibiotic Solution, 10mL03-037-1D10mL
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BIOMYC-2 Antibiotic Solution

BIOMYC ™-1 solution, when used in conjunction with BIOMYC-2, is an effective treatment for eliminating mycoplasma contamination in cell cultures. BIOMYC-1 is based on the antibiotic Tiamutin whereas BIOMYC ™-2 is based on the antibiotic Minocycline. Unlike other antibiotic treatments, mycoplasmas don’t develop resistance to these particular antibiotics.

This treatment method involves BIOMYC ™-1 and BIOMYC ™-2 been used in alternating cycles.

Recommended Use:

Tip: Four days with BIOMYC-1 (Tiamutin) followed by three days with BIOMYC-2 (Minocycline) then repeating the cycle three times.

  1. The two solutions should be used sequentially, not together.
  2. Add 1ml BIOMYC-1 to 100ml medium, and maintain the contaminated cells in this mixture for 4 days. Any fresh medium added should also contain BIOMYC-1.
  3. After 4 days, add 1ml BIOMYC-2 to 100ml fresh medium, and maintain the cells in this second mixture for 3 days.
  4. The above, together, are considered as one treatment cycle. It may be necessary to repeat this cycle 2-3 times.
  5. During the process, the cells can be tested for mycoplasma contamination, and results can then be used to shorten the process when possible.

Please note: When the treatment has been completed, the cells should be grown on media without antibiotics for at least two weeks and then re-tested for the presence of mycoplasma. If you get a positive result when testing this culture, you should repeat the course of treatment.

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