Colchicine Solution, 10 µg/ml in DPBS

Colchicine Solution, 10 µg/ml in DPBS

Colchicine is invaluable reagent for mitotic evaluation of cultured cells
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Product Overview

Colchicine is a major plant alkaloid from Colchicum autumnale L. of the family Liliaceae. It is also commonly known as the Meadow Saffron.

This plant extract is also found in other Colchicum spp. and is highly poisonous. It is used as a Cell Synchronization Agent (CSA) that, at appropriate dilutions, inactivates the spindle-fiber mechanism during metaphase by systematically immobilizing chromosomes at the metaphase plate. The metaphase plate is that imaginary line that is equidistant from the two centrosome poles where the chromosomal centromeres arrange themselves.

Colchicine and its derivatives have proven to be invaluable for mitotic evaluation of cultured cells.

Colchicine disrupts active transport by depolymerizing microtubules by limiting microtubule formation. In addition to this, it is known for inducing apoptosis by blocking mitosis in Pheochromocytoma (PC12) cells and in cerebellar granule cells.

Colchicine has been utilized for various objectives such as, among others:

  • Lymphocyte Karyotyping Chromosome Analysis
  • Amniotic Fluid Cell Chromosome Analysis
  • Cell Synchronization Techniques

Colchicine Solution Features:

  • Alkaloid-Extract Similar to Colcemid
  • Mitotic Inhibitor
  • Exposure & Concentration-Dependent
  • Reversible Effects
  • Sterile
  • Liquid Solution in DPBS

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