Crystalline Trypsin Solution (0.02%)

Crystalline Trypsin Solution (0.02%)

Non-cytotoxic, Enhanced cell viability
Crystalline Trypsin Solution (0.02%), 500 mL03-047-1A500 mL
Crystalline Trypsin Solution (0.02%), 100mL03-047-1B100 mL
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Crystalline Trypsin Solution (0.02%)

Crude trypsin is commonly the subculturing agent of choice for cell dissociation/ disaggregation of adherent cells, although longterm treatment has the potential to be cytotoxic to the cells. The over use of trypsin is a recurrent cause of subculture problems. When using crystalline trypsin versus crude trypsin forms, crystalline trypsin does not damage cells after prolonged exposure.


  • Does not require multiple-change procedures
  • Maintains better cell viability and enhances the process of cell passaging
  • Not as cytotoxic to cells with all the negative ramifications of crude trypsin
  • Contains additives that protect the cell wall, enhancing cell viability, and it is a ready-to-use solution

The complete formulation is available.


  • Cells must NEVER remain in the crude trypsin for longer than 3-5 minutes as they may be seriously damaged in the process (i.e. damage to the intracellular proteins).
  • Cells should NEVER be left without a fluid layer.
  • The use of crystalline trypsin, rather than crude trypsin, most often performs better long-term cell growth in serum-free medium formulations. It is specifically formulated to have a gentle nature with much better cell viability, in which the cells are not subject to the vagaries of time and circumstance as when the cruder forms of trypsin are utilized.

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