Trypsin EDTA Solution A (0.25%), EDTA (0.02%)

Trypsin EDTA Solution A (0.25%), EDTA (0.02%)

Sizes: 100 mL | 500 mL

Trypsin EDTA Solution A (0.25%), EDTA (0.02%), 500mL03-050-1A500 mL
Trypsin EDTA Solution A (0.25%), EDTA (0.02%), 100mL03-050-1B100 mL
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Trypsin solutions are widely utilized as cell dissociation reagents for continuous cell culture of adherent growing cells. Trypsin proteolysis or trypsinization is a process in which proteins have been digested or treated with trypsin and are thus said to be trypsinized. Trypsin is available in a varied array of formulations with or without EDTA. EDTA is a chelator that binds calcium and magnesium ions that may otherwise inhibit the trypsin activity, which then hydrolyzes and gains access to the intercellular bonds (cell-cell and/or cell-substrate bonds). Biological Industries’ Trypsin is designed to gently dissociate cells from almost any support substrates, as well as from each other, in order to actualize cell manipulation techniques, and for other studies that require intact cell-surface proteins.

The complete formulation is available.

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100 mL, 500 mL

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