Human Fibronectin

Human Fibronectin, 1mg/ml
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Human Fibronectin, 1mL05-750-1F1 mL
Human Fibronectin, 5mL05-750-1H5 mL
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Fibronectin is an attachment factor that facilitates the attachment and cytoplasmic spreading of all types of anchorage-dependent cells. Fibronectin is particularly useful for the culture of cells that are not capable of synthesizing their own biomatrix or when culturing cells in serum-free medium. Human Fibronectin (hFN) was tested and found suitable matrix for the culture of many cell types as well as for stem cell culture (e.g. mesenchymal cells). Biological industries hFN is obtained by affinity purification on gelatine-sepharose from human plasma.


  • A complete ready-to-use solution
  • Suitable for various animal cells
  • Performance tested

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1 mL, 5 mL

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