MSC Attachment Solution

Xeno-free, for attachment and spreading of hMSCs cultured in serum-free conditions
MSC Attachment Solution,1 mL05-752-1F1 mL
MSC Attachment Solution,5 mL05-752-1H5 mL
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MSC Attachment Solution:

The MSC Attachment Solution is a xeno-free, ready-to-use, 100X concentrated solution composed of sterile, affinity purified human fibronectin (hFN) that supports the attachment and spreading of human mesenchymal stem cells (hMSC) cultured in serum-free medium. MSC Attachment Solution application validated and quality tested to provide optimal attachment and growth of hMSCs derived from multiple sources, including bone marrow (BM-MSC), adipose tissue (AT-MSC), and umbilical cord tissue (UC-MSC).

This attachment solution is also effective product when culturing cells that are not able to synthesize their own biomatrix or when culturing hMSCs in serum-free medium.


  • Xeno-free
  • Qualified with hMSC from multiple sources
  • Ready-to-use, 100X concentrated solution
  • Designed for use with a serum-free culture system
  • Suitable for both hMSC proliferation and differentiation assays

mesenchymal stem cells were cultured in MSC NutriStem® XF with and without MSC Attachment Solution

Figure: hMSC-BM cultured in MSC NutriStem® XF on precoated plates with MSC Attachment Solution and without. Representative images were taken at the indicated time points post-seeding (x200).

Instructions for Use

  1. Dilute MSC Attachment Solution 1:100 with sterile DPBS without Ca2+ and Mg2+ (Cat. No. 02-023-1) and gently pipet to mix.
  2. Coat the culture vessel with the 1:100 diluted MSC Attachment Solution.
    The volume should be adequate for covering the entire surface of each well or plate. See the table below for recommended coating volumes.
  3. Gently agitate the culture vessel and incubate for a minimum of 30 minutes at 37°C in a 5% CO2 incubator.
  4. Before plating cells, gently remove any remaining liquid MSC Attachment Solution and wash the culture vessel with either 1X DPBS or culture medium.  Do not allow the attachment surface to dry before adding cells.
Culture Vessel Surface area (cm2)  Volume of 1:100

MSC Attachment Solution

 96 well  0.3  0.1 mL
24 well  1.9  0.4 mL
 12 well  3.8  0.8 mL
 6 well or 35mm dish  9.4  2.0 mL
 T25 Flask  25  5.5 mL
 T75 Flask  75  15 mL

Important Notes

  1. Coated culture vessels may incubate up to 72 hours with MSC Attachment Solution prior to use.  Incubation up to 72 hours will not decrease cell attachment and cell performance.
  2. Pre-coated culture vessels can be stored sealed with Parafilm® under sterile conditions at 2 to 8°C for up to 1 week prior to use.
  3. Do not allow the MSC Attachment Solution to dry prior to use.

Quality Control

Each lot is tested for sterility as well as its biological performance (the ability to promote the attachment and spreading of hMSC in serum-free medium).The human source material (plasma units) used in the production of this product have been tested to b.

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The human fibronectin (hFN) used in the MSC Attachment Solution was obtained by affinity purification on gelatine-sepharose from human plasma.


1 mL, 5 mL

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