Trypsin EDTA Solution C (0.5%), EDTA (0.2%) (10x)

Trypsin EDTA Solution C (0.5%), EDTA (0.2%) (10x)

Trypsin EDTA (0.5%), EDTA 0.2% (10X)
Trypsin EDTA (0.5%), EDTA 0.2% (10X), 100 mL03-051-5B100 mL
Trypsin EDTA (0.5%), EDTA 0.2% (10X) , 20 mL03-051-5C20 mL
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Product Overview

Trypsin EDTA (0.5%), EDTA 0.2% (10X) is used for chromosome digestion before staining (Giemsa banding) .

Giemsa banding has become the most widely used technique for the routine staining of chromosomes. The most commonly used method to obtain this staining is to treat slides with trypsin. This procedure allows for chromosome digestion and high resolution staining.

The complete formulation is available.

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Dry Ice


Contains Trypsin (1:250) 5gr per liter, and EDTA 2gr per liter


100 mL, 20 mL

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