Cell Dissociation Solution (non-enzymatic)

Cell Dissociation Solution (non-enzymatic)

Gentle, Non-Enzymatic Cell Dissociation
Animal Component-Free SKU: 03-071-1B
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Cell Dissociation Solution

The Cell Dissociation Solution is non-enzymatic, ready-to-use reagent designed for gently dislodging adherent cell types from tissue culture plates. The Cell Dissociation Solution is an alternative to enzyme-based dissociation solutions, maximizing the yield of functionally viable cells when used with serum-free or serum-containing media. While cellular damage often occurs when cultures are exposed to protein-digestive enzymes, such as trypsin, for extended periods of time, this risk is minimized with the use of the more gentle non-enzymatic Cell Dissociation Solution.


  • Defined, animal component-free
  • Contains no enzymes or proteases
  • Ready-to-use solution
  • Gentle cell disaggregation and high cell viability
  • Suitable for serum-free and serum-containing culture conditions
  • Reduces the risk of cellular damage associated with long exposure time and/or enzyme-based dissociation


The performance of the Cell Dissociation Solution (non-enzymatic) is validated using Vero cells pre-adapted to serum-free culture. Additional standard QC evaluations performed are pH, osmolality, and sterility tests.

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100 mL

Storage Conditions

2 to 8°C

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Cold Pack




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