BIO-GROW CHO Supplement (100x)

BIO-GROW CHO Supplement (100x)

For use with BIOCHO-1 SFM BASE, 5 mL
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Use BIOGRO-CHO SFM Supplement (100X) with BIOCHO-1 SFM BASE for anchorage-dependent CHO cells. In most cases it is possible to seed CHO cells that have been removed from freezing medium directly in the serum-free medium, when the cell concentration is at least 5×105 cells per 25cm2 . The cells will begin to grow, and after a few passages the adaptation will be complete. However, in those cases where the cells do not adapt successfully after direct transfer, it will be necessary to perform gradual adaptation (weaning). The cells should be seeded with serum-free medium containing 5% serum and the serum concentration is then gradually reduced with each passage. The stage at which serum is completely removed is determined in the course of the weaning for each specific case.

In order to save time, we recommend parallel experiments with direct adaptation and with weaning. Generally, after the first or second transfer, it will be obvious whether direct adaptation has been successful, and if not, only the weaning experiments are continued. After successful adaptation, it is recommended to cryopreserve the cells in Serum-Free Freezing Medium, in order to avoid the necessity of any further adaptation in the future.

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